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Friday, 1 July 2011

Neelum Point

Neelum Point is a tourist spot near "Kohala Bridge" on the Lower Topa -Kohala -Muzaffarabad  Road on the way to Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir.

At this point, river Jhelum is joined by a Nullah bringing water from murree and surrounding areas. The merging of different coloured waters is memorable sight to see. Situated at the site is the new Kohala Bridge (opened in 1997) which joins Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. One can also have panoramic view of the river from the bridge.          

The place is a nice spot to spend some time and have a cup of tea while going to Muzaffarabad. As such there are no purpose built tourist facilities, however local shopkeepers have made available some tents and seating arrangement alongside the river.

About 60 KM (One and a half hour drive) from Murree

Pictures and Videos

River side sitting arrangements by local shopkeepers


Kohala Bridge

"Human Chain" at Kohala Bridge  (February 5th)  Kashmir Solidarity Day   

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